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Easy and intuitive to use. New features frequently added. Just what you need. Not what you don't. Programmer gives this app a lot of love and attention and it shows. It's also a great way to discover new podcasts. So easy to find shows to follow. Nowotarski, and R. Edwards , Univ. Houston, C. Oppermann, and A. Carpenter, D. Lu, T. Murphy, and A. Bowman, C. Homeyer, and J. Handout 2. Tallapragada, M. Row, G. White, F. Yang, and T. Meng, S. Lyu, P. Staten, B. Han, Z. Li, and L. DeGaetano and T. Nardi , Colorado State Univ. Kleist and G. Tokay and D. Bodine, A. Rinehart, and T.

Nieto Ferreira and T. Anderson, S. Linden, and W. Villegas , Univ. Um and G. Miller, and E. Haji Agha Mohammad Zarbaf, A. Helmicki, V. Nims, and A. Piersante , Colorado State Univ. Hence, S. Tessendorf, and R. Amanda Hendrix , Millersville Univ. Hecht and J. Hsu, S. Sorooshian, and D. Russell, S. Pressley, and B.

Lamb, V. Walden, M. Grubbs, and P. Bunting and J. Manuscript Schneider , Univ. Sewell, S. Tomczyk, A. Boll, J. Burkepile, P. Judge, and B. Handout 1. Liggett , Millersville Univ. Scarzello Fairbanks and K. LaDue, S. Ernst, and T. Klockow-McClain and A. Hayes and M. Van Den Broeke.

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Jessica Hubbard , George Mason Univ. Titley, S. Miller, and A. Lawton, T. Fenske, K. Squires, and D. Gubsch, M. Grubbs, P. O'Keeffe, and V. Lopez, S. Riley, M. Boone, and M. Bruick, M. Neureuter, E. Ott, M. Sessa, and N. Barnes and S. Parsons and A. Yuter, L. Tomkins, and M. Trapp and Z. Prince , Univ. Kelleher and J. Neureuter and J. Newman and M. Cha, M. Bell, and J. Kowaleski and J. Majumdar and B. Fatcheric , U. Air Force Academy, U. Kohutek, J.

Hill, K. Nelson, and P. Romero , M. Riser, J. Hill, and K. Troutman , Louisiana State Univ. Leppert II. Oh, A. Martin, and T. Barrett, E. Sanabia, and P.

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Fuentes, A. Mejia, S. Garcia, and T. Smith, S. Cooley, L. Pitcher, J. Arvesen, and T. Handout 4. Grysko, Z. Gao, and H. Suresh, S. Paredes, and T. Cinar and T. Read and K. Ganti-Agrawal, D. Joshi, and T. Togliatti and A. Organizer: Susan A. Plenary Session 2. Welcoming Address Location: Austin, Texas. Plenary Session. Chair: Frederick Stoss , State Univ. Opening Remarks and Core Science Keynote. Welcoming Remarks. Session 1A. Host: 20th Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry.

Fuentes, T. Gerken, M. Chamecki, A. Trowbridge, P. Stoy, G. Katul, G. Fisch, O. Acevedo, A. Manzi, C. Cochairs: Paquita Zuidema , Univ. Bukowski, L. Grant, S. Herbener, S. Kawecki, P. Marinescu, J. Park, and S. Chair: Paul Bieringer , Aeris. Gilliam, D. Wong, H. Foroutan, J. Herwehe, O. Bullock Jr. Pouliot, C. Hogrefe, and L. Sullivan, E. Patton, and A. Bieberbach Jr. Jonker, and M. Joint Session 4. Augustin-Bauditz, H. Bingemer, C. Budke, H. Clemen, K. Diehl, M. Ebert, S. Eriksen Hammer, F. Frank, J. Grawe, S.


Hartmann, N. Hiranuma, K. Hoffmann, L. Hande, C. Hoose, K. Kandler, A. Kiselev, R. Kohl, T. Koop, A. Kunert, T. Leisner, S. Mertes, O. Niemand, U. Pummer, N. Reicher, I. Reichardt, D. Rose, Y. Rudich, T. Schiebel, J. Schneider, J. Schrod, I. Steinke, F. Stratmann, M. Szakall, R. Ullrich, B. Weber, D. Weber, S. Weinbruch, H. Wex, and P. Adachi, D. Bell, F. Belosi, H. Beydoun, B. Bhaduri, H. Budke, F. Conen, K. Cory, J. Curtius, P. DeMott, O. Eppers, S. Hoffmann, K. Imre, E. Jantsch, K. Kiselev, T. Koop, G. Kulkarni, A. Mayer, O. Murakami, B. Murray, M. Petters, M. Piazza, M. Polen, N.

Reicher, S. Robrecht, Y. Rudich, A. Saito, T. Schiebel, G. Schill, J. Schneider, M. Scott, L. Segev, E. Stopelli, R. Sullivan, K. Suski, M. Szakall, T. Tajiri, H. Taylor, H. Tekleab, Y. Tobo, D. Weber, H. Wex, T. Whale, C. Whiteside, K. Yamashita, A. Zelenyuk, and S. Fridlind, D. Knopf, R.

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Miller, and C. Chair: Edwin Campos , Uptake Technologies. Jergensen, C. Karstens, H. Obermeier, and T. McGovern, C. Shupe and N. Keller and J. Recorded Presentation Handout 2. English and H. Kotsuki, K. Terasaki, K. Kondo, G. Lien, K. Kurosawa, M. Satoh, H. Tomita, and E. Kleist, C. Thomas, J. Whitaker, and R. Laing, M. Wandishin, and M. Meymaris, L. Cornman, J. Sherry, and D.

Nava and W. Griffin, A. Bachmeier, J. Gerth, and S. Cochairs: Scott W. Powell , Colorado State Univ. Peatman, A. Matthews, and P. Sobel, C. Lee, J. Pullen, and J. Barrett , U. Densmore, E. Han, Y. Li, and E. Wu, W. Tsai, and P. Laney and C. Recorded Presentation Handout 3. Boucher , M. Barry, and C. Communicating Impactful Weather across the U. Brice and M. Recorded Presentation Handout 1. Hosts: Joint between the Robert T. Ryan Symposium ; and the 46th Conference on Broadcast Meteorology.

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Tolman, T. Schneider, I. Stajner , and S. Firl, L. Nance, B. Kuo, V. Farrar, F. Toepfer, and G. Yudin, T. Fuller-Rowell, and R. Host: 16th Symposium on the Coastal Environment. Widlansky , Univ. Merrifield, P. Thompson, H. Annamalai, and J. Recorded Presentation Manuscript 1. Blanton and R. Hebert and J. Sweet and C. Panel Discussion 1.

Moderator: Mary G. Colohan and A. Host: 25th Conference on Probability and Statistics. Cochairs: Elizabeth A. Yang and R. Hamill, G. Bates, W. Kolczynski Jr. Zhou, D. Hou, W. Pegion, and Y. Chair: Lourdes B. Syahputra and R. Recorded Presentation Manuscript 4. Kloesel , Univ. Cochairs: Kathleen D. McWilliams , U. Army Corps of Engineers.

Parzybok and M. Pavlovic, M. Laurent, C. Trypaluk, D. Unruh, and O. James, K. Mahoney, and R. Verdin, D. Keeney, and J. Handout 3. Host: Ninth Conference on Environment and Health. Moore and R. Shea and J. Host: Major Weather Events and Impacts of Fransen and D.

Lindley, G. Murdoch, B. Smith, and D. Shaw and S. The U. Cline, C.

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Draxl, H. Frank, B. Hodge, G. Kariniotakis, J. Messner, C. Pinson, and W. Xue, A. Newman, A. Monaghan, P. Doubrawa, C. Draxl, L. Kilcher, and G. Benjamin and M. Chair: Robert M. Robinson , Inspace. Paxton , Johns Hopkins Univ. Wang, X. Meng, O. Verkhoglyadova, B. Tsurutani, G. Rosen, E. Lynch, and A. Stephan, C. Coker, S. Powell, B. O'Hanlon, T.

Humphreys, R. Bishop, J. Gross, and S. Erickson, R. Varney, E. Kendall, D. Hysell, M. Milla, and C. Cochairs: Renee McPherson , Univ. Spinney , Univ. Klink and A. Kenney , Univ. Gerst, A. Baer, A. Speciale, D. DeWitt, J. Gottschalck, and S. Mattox , University of Oklahoma. Bachmeier and T. McDougall, H.

Peddicord, and D. Knox , The Univ. Ackerman and T. Recorded Presentation Manuscript Host: 31st Conference on Climate Variability and Change. Cochairs: Adam H. Sobel , Columbia Univ. Persad , Carnegie Institution for Science. Grell and L. Ming and I. Aerosol vs. Camargo, K. Emanuel, and M. Vance , NOAA. Golden, Y. Guo, N. Hardin, T. LeFebvre, J. Mahoney, K. Manross, S. Murphy, D. Nietfeld, E. Polster, J. Ramer, G.

Wade, J. Wakefield, S. Williams, and S. Nietfeld, T. Hansen, and Y. Schumacher , Colorado State Univ. Herman, D. Stovern, S. Perfater, and B. Herman , Colorado State Univ. Wilson, J. Stewart, R. Walsh, and D. Session 1B. Cochairs: R. Lozier and M. Scaife, D. Smith, and H. Vizy , Univ. Stein, M. Haugen, and E. Cochairs: J. Warner , Univ. Collett Jr. Wu, J. Walker Jr. Chen, D.

Schwede, and A. Beagley, C. Whaley, J. Zhang, G. Wentworth, and J. Kille, Univ. Dix and R. Allen , Univ. Pickering, J. Warner, L. Oman, S. Strode, R. Dickerson, and Z. Stoffler , U. Air Force, Washington, DC. FAA Update M. Joint Session 2. Cochairs: Christa D. Hurwitz , Science Systems and Applications, Inc. Bartuska and R.

Verdin, W. Thiaw, A. Hoell, S. Shukla, A. McNally, G. Galu, N. Novella, D. Korecha, K. Arsenault, M. Robjohn, J. Rowland, M. Budde, C. Peters-Lidard, T. Magadzire, E. Bekele, L. Harrison, P. Peterson, C. Pomposi, and G. Wardlow, B. Fuchs, C. Poulsen, J. Swigart, C. Hain, R. McDonnell, and C.

Franch, J. Roger, S. Skakun, I.