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Again, no estimated time that the other two thirds of my order would be here.

It seems like Barnes & Noble has been on its final chapter for years.

Fix these problems, please, before they drive me insane. Barnes and Noble devs fix the app already.

5 things Barnes & Noble can do right now to save itself

For all of us, please hear us and fix the issues that have been commented over and over for so long. Good customer feedback is key if you want to have a viable business support in the future. So I love that they have an app for easy access I can order books to my home It honestly might be quicker for me to just write my own book. This app could be amazing.

Bookstore Vlog 2019 // Bookshopping at Barnes & Noble and Brightlight Books

It could be a book lovers dream. But this app is trash. Also the manner in which they display their books, the amusement and serendipity of how they curate their shops. Some have books arranged by country rather than genre, a setup that encourages browsing: You might visit the Japan section looking for Haruki Murakami novels only to find yourself paging through a history of ramen or a book of haikus about cats. Daunt Books locations are also beautiful spaces, filled with dark wood shelves, green lamps, and gold light.

Barnes & Noble Bookstore

The original location in Marylebone, which opened in on the site of an Edwardian-era bookseller, is long and narrow, with tall galleries of books offering a reassuring vision of orderly abundance. They abide by certain principles : Never recommend more than three books at a time, lest you overwhelm the customer. Over the years, Daunt Books developed a devoted fan base, securing a spot on pretty much every list of the best bookshops in London. In , it even launched a publishing imprint , featuring both original works and reissued classics by authors like MFK Fischer and Arthur Conan Doyle.

Waterstones was sold to Russian billionaire Alexander Mamut, who tapped Daunt to be its managing director.

His task was to turn around the struggling chain, which by that point was both unprofitable and widely perceived as money-grubbing and tacky. But then Daunt set about breathing life back into the company, in part by doing away with everything that made it cookie-cutter.

5 things Barnes & Noble can do right now to save itself

Booksellers at individual stores could even set their own prices. He also passed on some tricks of the trade. Who knows? In Britain, part of his strategy was to allow his stores to tailor their offerings and ambience to local tastes. He is likely to follow that path in the U.

He also wants to sweep out unprofitable books and open smaller stores, which he indicated in an interview with Yahoo Finance. The printed word seems to have a new lease on life.

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