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Box San Diego, CA Each request must include a copy of a valid, government-issued photo identification card as well as the appropriate fee. However, the first copy of a crime or accident report is available for free to victims or their representatives.

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All fees are payable to San Diego County Sheriff and accepted as money order or check issued by a California bank. Cash is acceptable for in-person requests. Crime data for San Diego County show that larceny was the most common crime in , the year with the most recent complete records. There were 18, cases of larceny in the county for that year.

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Auto theft came second with burglary, aggravated assault, and robbery coming behind with 5,, 4,, 3,, and 1, incidents respectively. There were also rapes, arsons, and 50 murders in the county in The California Department of Justice maintains a database of registered sex offenders in the state. The public can search for individual sex offenders by name and address from the homepage.

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To find a list of all registered sex offenders living in San Diego County, visit the search page and select San Diego from the County drop-down menu. In addition to inmate location, the tool also provides inmate information like charges, next court date, and projected release date. To ask more questions about inmates and jails, the public can call any of the jails in the county at these phone numbers:. There are three ways to obtain copies of these records: online, in-person, and by mail requests.

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The online search database only has court records for cases tried after To find records in person, go to the courthouse where the case was filed and submit a request at least 30 minutes before office closing time. Most court locations have computer access terminals to help visitors find case numbers.

For old cases tried between and , visit the Central Division Central Records to find case information. Central Records is located at:. Searching by name will show you where the inmate is being held and the bail amount.

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You can also call at any time in order to get information on someone who was arrested. Riverside County — You can search the online Riverside County inmate locator by name or by booking date. San Diego County — In San Diego County, you can locate an inmate using only one or two characters of their first and last name. It is important to note that information regarding an inmate may not be available immediately after arrest.

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California is planning to eliminate the cash bail system effective October However, before that date, you may be able to post bail at the jail facility where your loved one is being held in order to have your loved one released from custody. The bail amount is determined based upon the bail schedule in the county where the person is being held. Bail is essentially a monetary contract where you agree to go to court for all your court appearances in exchange for your release.

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Each jail facility typically has a department where you can go to process bail. Our law firm may be able to have the bail amount lowered or convince the judge to have you released on your own recognizance.

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If the judge will not allow your loved one to be released, our attorneys may be able to help you access attorney-referred bail through a bondsman so that you save money. Our knowledgeable lawyers have been successfully defending clients facing criminal charges for more than 35 years.