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If you do not have a solid law education and you do not know the laws of the state of Ohio very well, with special emphasis on the Ohio Sunshine law, you should know the following: Public arrest warrants searches are legal and advisable. In other words, your FOIL request can include your contact information and also a brief description of the specific documents that you are looking for.

With more than , criminal acts having been officially recorded in this County during the — decade, this county has been confronted with more than 70, violent crimes during the same timeframe. With close to 1, homicides, more than 6, rapes, and about , thefts occurring here, there is a crime being committed every 10 minutes.

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Former Cuyahoga County Jail warden indicted, accused of ordering officer to shut off body camera

For any questions you may have please consult a lawyer. Chatton produced his license; the officer ran a computer check which mistakenly indicated that the license had been suspended. Defendant was arrested and a gun was found in the passenger compartment of his automobile. The issue raised in Chatton is not applicable to the case at bar.

After making an illegal turn, appellant was asked to produce a driver's license. Since he did not have it on his person, further investigation by police, which revealed the outstanding warrant, was reasonable and necessary. Unlike Chatton, the proper purpose of the subject detention, which was to determine whether defendant was violating a traffic law, was neither extinguished nor completed before police conducted their computer check. The requested information was related to the officer's belief, based upon reasonable and articulable suspicion, that the driver had no license.

See Delaware v. Prouse , U. We find there was probable cause for a valid arrest of appellant and that the gun inside the vehicle was seized pursuant to it. See Cooper v. California , U. United States , U. At trial, the court admitted testimony over defense objection regarding the search of John Bowdrie, and the. As we have noted, Bowdrie entered a guilty plea to carrying a concealed weapon prior to the commencement of appellant's trial.

We find that such evidence was not relevant under Evid. We further find, however, that in light of the overwhelming evidence of appellant's guilt, such error was harmless beyond a reasonable doubt. Chapman v. Listed below are the cases that are cited in this Featured Case. Inmate Bail. Inmate Search. A full list of the cities and towns can be found below. Search This Jail.

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