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Contact your provider to see if you can get one set up. If you need something a bit more intense for a larger business or office, call to get more info. A static IP basically means that the outside world can connect with your computer far more easily and reliably. Most of us don't need one - you can perform the vast majority of internet tasks with a dynamic IP just fine - but a static IP has some serious advantages, especially for business users. It means you can:. However, there are a few downsides. You'll need some beefed-up security , for a start, because static IPs are more vulnerable to hacking and data tracking.

Cost can be a problem, too - getting a static IP set up from your provider can cost extra. This website uses cookies as described in our cookie policy , to see what cookies we use and to set your own preferences, click here. Otherwise, by clicking on or navigating this site, you accept our use of cookies. In this article What's a static IP address? What's a static IP address? How to get a static IP A lot of business broadband providers, including BT and TalkTalk , chuck in a free static IP - though you may have to contact your provider to request it, or remember to sign up for one when you first take out your package.

So, why get a static IP? Dynamic Internal IP Addresses are assigned by the router and can change from time to time. This is why they are called dynamic. For example, a laptop using a dynamic internal IP address may have a different internal IP address after power is cycled to the laptop.

How to Get a Static IP address in windows 7

To find this number: Select the Settings option from the PS3 dashboard. Choose System Settings. Finally, click System Information from the available options. Here is an example of a router that allows you to manually assign IP addresses. Step Three After you have set your PS3 to a specific IP address, you will need to test the connection to make sure it is working.

Scroll down the list and click Network Settings. Next choose Internet Connection Test. Go ahead and let the test run. It is checking the connections to make sure the console can communicate with your network and the internet. Select Network Settings. Finally, click the option of Settings and Connection Status List.

What's a static IP address?

If your router uses , you could use a number between 2 and Step Four To find out if the address you chose is available ping the address using the command prompt. To do this: Click on the windows Start Menu Type cmd into the dialog box, in the windows start menu. Now click on cmd.

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This is at the very top of the menu in the screenshot below. A black window with white writing now appears. Hit Enter. Click the Settings option in the PS3's home menu. Select the option of Network Settings. Next, choose Internet Connection Settings. Click Yes if a confirmation screen pops up letting you know you will be disconnected from the Internet. Then, select OK to the next question before continuing.

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For the Setup Method , click Custom. Select Wireless for the Connection Method since this guide is assuming you're PS3 is connected to your network through a router.

The next page asks you to select the operation mode , go ahead and click Manual Settings. Static IPs are available in 1, 5 and 13 block configurations.

What is an IP address?

A compatible Gateway is required for static IP addresses. The customer's Static IP is always the same, which is a necessity when you are running a web server, mail server or any piece of equipment that needs to have the same IP address every time you access it. In order to take advantage of our fastest speeds, there are certain infrastructure requirements that you may need to check. To reach speeds over Mbps, you will need to use a D3 modem. Router: If you are using your own router, is the equipment you own capable of reaching max speeds?

Confirm that your equipment is rated to handle speeds greater than Mbps. Standard Cat5 Ethernet cable may hinder your ability to go over Mbps. Devices: Are the devices that are you using to connect to the data service capable of reaching Mbps or greater speeds?

How can I find my static IP address and get information on IP addresses?

Check to see if your computers or wireless devices are gigabit capable or equipped with gigabit Ethernet adapters. Firewall: Is your firewall limited in terms of the traffic it can accommodate? If your IT personnel installed a firewall, they can tell you if there are any limitations on the amount of traffic that can be routed to the internet. If you have any questions about whether or not you can support our fastest speeds, be sure to check with your IT personnel or give us a call at If you need to power cycle your modem as part of your internet connection troubleshooting, follow the steps below.

If these steps do not work to restore your services, please call us at There are no data caps for Sparklight Business Internet.

However, the Sparklight network is designed for typical usage by a typical business user. Computer activity resulting in excessive or sustained bandwidth consumption may burden the network and such usage may be restricted.