Where are vin numbers located on manufactured homes

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See details here. Light-weight camp, utility, and boat trailers are usually sold by the original manufacturer with the Vehicle Identification Number VIN displayed by the Mylar decal or sticker-type label required under the federal motor vehicle safety standards.

But many times, when an older, used trailer is purchased, the VIN cannot be verified at the time of inspection. This is to differentiate from the situation in which a stamped or riveted VIN has been removed.

1999 Four Season Manufactured Home, VIN:FS208785

Note: If, under special circumstances, this standard is applied to a trailer 10, lbs. Looking Forward, denco-ga - Google Answers Researcher.

Mobile Homes

A: This number is stamped into the front steel cross-member of the home chassis by the manufacturer, and is different from the HUD certification label. The home's skirting may need to be removed to allow access to this serial number. Include ALL the letters and numbers of the serial number in your request.

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Not all mobile homes had VIN plates in The number should be on the title though.