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Last year, Hunt was shot in the face by her then-boyfriend at the home A cold front is closing in on the Triangle. Fayetteville police have arrested a second suspect in a homicide that happened on Halloween. Fofaria, Education NC reporter November 7, Thunberg tweeted Wednesday that she will join the A recent survey of homebuyers found one-third spent more than they The incident occurred between I and Rush Street on the northbound A report released Thursday from a watchdog group shows how safe hospitals are in the Triangle.

The Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade rates hospitals based on infections, problems with WITN reports the abduction occurred around a. That's where Warmth for Wake, a local program with a goal to help everyone stay warm, He was last seen Fayetteville police are looking for a woman who has been missing since Oct. She couldn't be there in person, because she's not currently on Planet A year-old university student is on the verge of an election upset in Chapel Hill. Gary Duvall has been named principal at Ligon Middle School in Editor's note: This popular post is updated for A suspect in the hit-and-run has not been identified.

The Durham Association of Educators will picket at four schools, saying calls for pay A Durham mother has created a new way to attract more young black children to books. Police said a vehicle was taken as a woman was held at gunpoint in the parking There is a clear message coming out of General Assembly on its Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. The Associated Press.

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These laws have all been subject to judicial review upon passage, and with many being declared unconstitutional. Multiple judicial decisions against fetal heartbeat laws have prompted many pro-life organizations, as well as the Catholic bishops of Tennessee, to withdraw their support. If the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision were to be overturned, states would be free to set their own abortion policies.

Catholic News Agency was founded in , in response to Pope St. Allen, Jr.

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Formerly certified as a Fellow by the American Board of Criminalistics. Extensive lab auditing experience. Has consulted on several NC cases. Randell T.

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Elizabeth Johnson, Ph. Additional Info Ph. Forensic scientist specializing in evidence examination and DNA analysis since Henry Lee, Ph. Address Forensic Research and Training Center. Specializes in bloodstain pattern analysis, microscopy, DNA, and hair. Conducts scientific analysis on multiple forms of biological evidence for forensic casework utilizing PCR-based DNA analysis.

Prepares case reports and is available as an expert in Molecular Biology and Forensic DNA analysis for court testimony. Thomas Tom McClintock, Ph. Expertise: DNA, Entomology. Additional Info Specializes in forensic DNA analysis, forensic entomology, molecular and microbiology. Additional Info Orchid is the forensics department that branched off from Cellmark Diagnostics.

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Julie A. Heinig, Ph. Laura Gahn, Ph. Additional Info Administrative and technical responsibility for all aspects of the Cellmark Forensics Dallas facility, which performs all US forensic casework and databasing testing for LabCorp and manufactures and administers the IQAS proficiency testing program. Lawrence Kobilinsky, Ph. Chairman of the Department of Sciences.

Provides DNA analysis.

Court of Appeals of North Carolina.

Is a board certified forensic examiner. Maher Max Noureddine, Ph.

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  • Expertise: DNA, Serology. Address Technical Associates Inc. Meghan E. Mehul B. Melanie S. Trapani, Ph. Norah Rudin, Ph. Has assisted both prosecution and defense. Has qualified as an expert witness in forensic DNA analysis and general criminalistics. Performs case reviews which will review the accreditation and procedures of the original testing lab.

    Robert E. Gaensslen, Ph. Author of Introduction to Forensic Science and Criminalistics Analysis of fingerprints, blood and tissue evidence, and DNA. Ronald T Acton, Ph. Postdoctoral training in immunogenetics, human genetics and molecular genetics - primarily a molecular geneticist. Consults as DNA expert and deals some with population genetics. Sandy Zabell, Ph. Additional Info Mathematician and statistician. DNA identification evidence. Works in CA, but this is the correct contact information. Dan Krane is President of the company.

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    Terry Melton, Ph. Has worked with prosecution and defense teams. Has worked with indigent defense and Innocence Projects. William C. Bill Thompson, Ph. Additional Info JD and Ph. Performs forensic DNA testing. Provides statistical testimony and analysis of the social science of evidence. Additional Info Primarily a population geneticist, has also been qualified each time as a molecular geneticist. Close Search Forensic Resources Menu Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar. DNA Audit Summary. DNA for the Defense Bar. Fallible DNA evidence can mean prison or freedom.